AMABILE STYLE The new, the new, and tattoo you!

Here in the studio we decided to shake things up with a fresh start!  

We went from AMABILE Fashions to AMABILE Style and our new name better reflects how we live our studio lives. Often, labels get in the way of defining and recognizing what you do and why. Since the start, Amabile has been creating unique prints and fashions, all hand made in Canada, outrageously, functional and comfortable. There are other sides that often get looked passed. With a new name we took a step into the future wanting to react to our environment and events that influence fashion and design. 

Great ideas are shared by our clients and friends all the time which allows us to explore different ways to express our own ideas which has always been a part of the studio.  AMABILE Style just gives us the nod to push the envelope and bring you even more unique creations and services. Take this blog for instance, we don't usually do this but now we are, so there!!!  We feel it's important to give clients insight to our process.  Fashion Shows, Art Exhibitions, Video, Photography will come to you via this new web site that we are thrilled to be working on.  A friend might walk in and say, "I need a logo?" or "Can you do a fashion photo shoot?".  These are all services we provide.  Clients in need of fashion consultation come and within a short time leave with a new sense of possibilities thanks to, well…. AMABILE's Style.

Future projects and items are in the works of furniture, accessories, jewellery and our latest addition, the new Artist Tee, inspired by vintage signage.  AMABILE and I created this graphic while talking about other fashion designs, brushes in hand, and the idea struck. The signed graphic depicting the artist brushes became our latest project.  That graphic led us to a photo shoot featuring ROMY who came out to Bait & Schlang Tattoo MTL for an on-location shoot. AMABILE's styling and vision came alive in my photos showing a raw edge romanticism that brings her design and styling to new heights.

Check out this video catalogue, to see more from the shoot!

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Frank @ AMABILE Style